Saturday, February 9, 2008

V-Day Fun!!!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up so soon, I thought I would do a fun little activity... okay, so I love stuff like this, even if you might not. :-) So... I decided to take the phrase "Valentine's Day" and see how many words I can come up with... if you see a word I have not mentioned (three letters or more), let me know, and I will add it. Here we go!!!

vale, vales, vile, vilest, valiant, vise, vie, vies, vat, vats, valet, valets, vent, vented, vents, vend, valentine, veil, veiled, veils, ale, ales, and, ate, alien, aliens, leant, lean, leans, leads, lead, let,lets, lat,lats, lad, lads, lay, laid, end, ends, ease, east, eye, eyes, eel, eels, els, nave, naves, nail, nails, neat, need, needs, nay, nays, nit, nine, nines, line, lines, lined, tile, tiles, stile, nasty, tale, tales, tail, tails, stale, ail, ails, lane, lanes, slain, tine, tin, tins, tiny,tie, ties, tied, devil, devils, evil, evils, live, lives, lived, slide, lid, lids, ten, tens, tan, tans, stand, sand, tad, stay, say, sit, sat, sale, seal, save, savey, sate, said, sad, day, days, dine, dines, date, dates, sedate, dent, dents, die, dies, dive, dives, dial, dials, din, dins, yes,

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