Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Greetings...

Hello, All!!! Isn’t it nice to know that, when Christ becomes our main priority and we ask Him to be Lord in our lives, we can become new creatures? He has done so much for us, and given us so much. So… I want to publicly thank Jesus, my Saviour and Lord, for His numerous blessings to me, my family, and my friends- and His sacrifice of dying on the Cross for me and each of the people across this Earth. I also want to thank Him for not staying in the grave, but for raising from the dead, defeating Satan, and for going to heaven to intercede for us to our Father God. He loves us so much. What other way is there to prove that except when One gives His life for those He loves? He did, and He conquered over sin and death in the meantime. Wow!!! He rescued us and has provided a way out. Our hope, our peace, our joy, all that we need can be found in Him.
How do I know He is alive, you may ask? Well, He speaks to my heart in a sweet, small voice every day, He provides for my needs, He hears and answers my prayers, He has shown me over and over that He cares deeply for me. I could give you example after example of His goodness to me and my family. He is my Best Friend and Protector, my Saviour and Lord, my Shield and Defender, my Rock in whom I trust, my Counselor and Encourager, my Light when I have lost my way or am lost in the “fog”, and so much more. He is all that I need. He has promised in His Word that He is the “same yesterday, today, and forever”. So what does that mean for you? That means that He wants to have relationship with you as well.
If you would like to know Him in such a personal way, pray to Him (talk to Him as you would to another person you are talking with face to face). Ask Him to help you. Ask Him to fill your heart with His understanding. Acknowledge that He is Christ the Son of God. And ask Him to forgive you for all the wrong things you have done in your life- your sins (lies, hatred, bitterness, lust, meanness, grudges, cheating, etc… are examples of some sins that we all can easily commit during our days) -this is important because sin separates us from God and keeps us from having soft hearts that are open to all the wonderful and important things He wants to share with us and show us.
I pray that this Easter- when we celebrate more than bunnies, chicks and baskets filled with yummy sweets- you would be especially blessed to remember that JESUS IS ALIVE and He wants to be an active part of your life… loving, caring for, and growing in you… Happy Easter!!! Love you all!!!

With many thoughts toward you,

Anthony, Celita, Antonio, Giosaia, Luca, Miranda, and Dario P. :-)

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