Monday, March 31, 2008

Havin' A Cow and Horsin' Around...

I just had to share a picture that Giosaia made. Here are two farm animals which Giosaia said symbolize Anthony and me. The horse is for Anthony because he likes horses, and the cow... is me. Don't even think what I know you could be thinking!!! :-) This sweet and rather artistic son of mine just wanted to make a couple of very lovely creatures and make their names be "PapĂ " and "Mamma". :-)


  1. Wow he truly is an artist!! It's a very good drawing and I know his intent is so pure that's what makes it so you're a cow in his eyes...LOL!!

  2. That's really cute...and at least it looks like a pretty skinny cow. :)

  3. Moose, Thank you for your positive outlook. That is certainly a great way to look at it!!! :-)