Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last November 2007's Big Craft (one of them)...

Hanging door announcements for when a baby is born are common here in Italy, and, being that we are thinking we are done having any babies to announce, I wanted to make this one really special. Here it is... foam sheets and some cutouts made by tracing and doing stencil cuts, glue, stickers, magnets on the back, and a special message on the back to our last son... (message not included)Usually the bought ones are not nearly so colorful, first of all, and secondly, just pretty generic... So, this is one of my personal gifts to Dario.


  1. very nice, Celita! aren't crafts fun? love 'em! have a great weekend....

  2. Crafting is how I tend to be able to relax and take a mini vacation. So glad I have it as an outlet for my wife-ness, mommy-ness, woman-ness, and every role-ness I have in this life. :-)

  3. Maybe I need to start doing this to relieve some stress or maybe it might stress me out...who knows until I try!!!