Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our New Front Gate...

So, Anthony finished working on our front gate. All the work paid off. Here are some pictures of him in action and the finished product as well. He did it all by hand. I think he did a great job!!! (Also included in the pix is a neighbor and friend, Renato, who saw Anthony working and decided to lend a hand.)


  1. It's a beautiful gate! Will it open automatically like at those mansion homes!! Great job Anthony:)

  2. that is a beautiful gate. What a handy husband you have (and great cousin of mine). :) I always admired the gates in front of driveways in Italy. Is that the norm there? Is it for beauty or to really keep the bad or strangers out?

  3. for now our gate is manually opened, but eventually we can change that. decorative gates serve two purposes that i know of... to look nice and to be a safety measure... the gate is the first thing people see upon arriving to the house, and first impressions do mean a lot. and, the gates keep kiddies in yards and unwanted people out... :-)