Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out With The Old, In With The New...

It is with deep satisfaction and only a momentary sad sigh that I announce the expiration of our beloved washing machine. I look at the history I had with this faithful household product and many memories come flashing before my eyes. (Recent history, with its bowling ball sounding centrifuge and only half watering out, made its passing longed for. Believe me.) But it was faithful ... I mean, poor thing lasted pretty long for working so hard to wash clothes for 10 people. And it was a fairly small machine. It held out for quite some time (too long, I think!!!). Finally, this month marked the beginning of a new stage in washing laundry. Technologically friendly, childproof, easy to use, beautiful in a modern fashion, double in size capacity, and just plain new, new, new... WE BOUGHT A BRAND SPANKIN' NEW WASHING MACHINE!!! It is fondly appreciated, while the other... looks on scornfully in abandonment. (Sorry, but you need to be scrapped, ya piece of junk!!) Well, goodness, was that from me? Such hostility!!! Okay, so maybe I HAVE had that all pent up inside for just too long... Is it such a bad thing to be happy to see the old go out and the new come in? Well, in this case, I say, "Congratulate me, life just got a few steps easier." Now I can wash, not just one repeated- over- and- over load of laundry, but all of them all in one day, more or less. Let us all take a deep *sigh* of relief...


  1. oh the luxuries we take for granted these days that they didn't have in the days of old!! Congrats on the new machine...something to ease the work of a busy mommy!!

  2. Oh that looks like it can wash 10 jeans or towels at the same time. I hope to have a big loading one when the other one dies. I don't want to wish that it dies though because then that means more money to come up with to get a new one. Have fun washing clothes. I enjoy hanging them out on the clothesline. :)

  3. Oh I know you needed THAT! Being that I have been there and seen the little one in action...both you and I with dueling loads..hahaha...I am SOOO happy for you! haha!