Sunday, April 27, 2008

Paper Cutting Frenzy...

So, my newest hobby is paper-cutting, also sometimes known as scherenschnitte. May I just tell you what amazing things can be done out of paper??!! One of my most favorite and often visited blog sites is called (try with and without www. if one does not work). Take a visit and see some handiwork that inspires me and has me thinking on some of my own designs. I said in a previous post that sometimes I think in poetry. Well, who knew you could also 1/2 think in paper-cutting. I look around and see so many possibilities for it. Here is the second paper cut I have done following a pattern I got from The first paper-cutting I did was from the same design. It turned out well, except that I botched the woman's face and she looked like she had the profile of a monkey. So, I have that one to keep for always. I will share more later... :-)


  1. Oh you are so miss crafty!! I miss having you here so much...MOPS would appreciate your abilities!! Glad you are finding things to keep your creative juices flowing:)

  2. Snippety, that is a quite a comment coming from you. Thank you.

    And, Claudia, if only we could blend both worlds together... I would love helping you with MOPS. We would have such fun together.:-)
    God has provided the inspiration, I am His pupil. I have prayed for an extra measure of His creativity, in craftiness and raising my kiddies, and He has been faithful. What a mighty God we serve!!!