Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whopper Of A Day...

I just had to share a good day with you. Last Monday, the 21st, Anthony humored me, and we took a drive in search of a new Christian bookstore I recently heard about. The closest one that I knew of before was in the city of Naples and a hassle to get to and park in front of. So, I did not know what to expect this time. Well, we found it!!! Not only does it have a nice and relaxing parking lot and is closer to where we live, it also had two people working there whom were kind, courteous, and helpful. We will definitely go back. We ended up buying three things: a dvd of parables in Italian for the kids (which they liked a lot), a dvd called The Gospel (Eh, it is okay until you get the end and are overwhelmed once more by God's faithfulness, goodness, patience and mercy to us), and a cd of Italian teens singing some of their own original songs. Liked our purchases, but liked where we ate after even more...

Now, don't laugh at me. Our main source of fast food here in Cassano I. is pizza (not complaining, but nice to have a change every once in a while). The cities have far more to offer, and when I saw a sign for Burger King, I just gave Anthony a pleading, hungry look, and we went. I have been craving a nice, juicey Whopper with cheese since our last trip to the US two years ago. May I just say, my mouth watered gushes as I waited patiently for Anthony to bring the food to the booth. I was not disappointed. This burger tasted YUMMY AS CAN BE. A rush of memories and reminiscing just took over in that first bite. Daddy and mom, this one is for you!!! :-)


  1. So glad you were able to enjoy a simple pleasure...eating at a fast food restaurant!!! That's something we see here so much it gets to be a bit overwhelming! God has allowed you to appreciate the little things in life...I admire that:)

  2. That is great you found a Christian bookstore that had stuff that you liked. About fast food, it's funny because the same as claudia said there is too much of it here.