Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another update On Dario...

Saturday was the appointement that we had with the specialist for Dario. I gave you an update on that, but it gets even better... We went to Dario's regular pediatrician on Monday morning to get the referrals we need to do some other check-ups for the baby, and as soon as she saw him she marvelled that since the 15 or so days since she last saw him she found him to have greatly improved with his head tilt. I totally was blessed and told her that God has been working for sure. He has.
Then, on Tuesday morning we went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist that confirmed that he has a "cold" in his ears that stems from congestion in his nose, which I really only thought was a minor and normal cold, but which is causing him much discomfort. Ah-hah!!! And so we are giving him nose drops and other stuff so we can get rid of that so that he can move on to physical therapy for his neck. Until then, I am doing some exercises with him here at home. We are debating if we will keep the appointment with the specialists in Naples or not. We really were content with the first lady specialist's work and diagnosis. She was thorough and was a great help. So, for now we wait to see if we take him on June 10th or not. I lean to "yes" for a second oppinion- just because... but we will see.

Oh, and today marked Dario's third day of eating "solids"- pureed fruit in a jar, anyway. Yay!!! As you can see, his favorite part is getting to chew on the spoon afterwards. :-)

Thank you ALL for your prayers, encouragement, and thoughts. Have a great day!!!


  1. thank you for the update...praise the Lord for all He has done so far

  2. God is good SOOOO GOOD!!! I know Dario will get over this cold soon and continue on his way to healing from this neck issue. He is faithful and never lets us down. Thank you for keeping us posted on his condition:)

  3. Celita,
    The "Magnolia" paper cutting measures 6"x4". This was an example of a papercutting,(in the Papercutting" book I recommended)from the eighteenth century, that I made into a pattern.

    This is another web site that has a lot of great patterns:
    La Donna

  4. Thanks for getting back to me, LaDonna, and for the kind words. I will definitely be checking out that site you mentioned. Thanks for the tip. have a really great day. :-)

  5. What wonderful news!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh. I am so happy to hear that things are improving for the little one.