Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Expanding Work Space...

Anthony worked last week to expand his work space near the garage. (For those of you wondering... I asked him, and his favorite tool is NOT a pick. :-)) My nephew, Alessandro, helped. While he was doing that over a couple of days, the kids were busy "helping", playing and just enjoying life as kids should...


  1. Good for Anthony...a little extra work space never hurt anyone! Celita your kids are just beautiful thanks for posting these pics of them doing their thing. And that one picture of the scenery is making me want to come to Italy so bad!!!

  2. I love all the photos. Thanks for sharing the process of your new cement area. The last two photos are my favorite because I can see the mountains, valleys and probably the town of Avellino (montella too?) in the background. Gorgeous. Makes me want to come there so badly. Can you believe the last time I went was in 1994?!?!?!?!