Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Appreciation For My "Movers And Shakers"...

Sometimes I get so frusterated doing the same things day in and day out, or rather I should say hour in and hour out. Like, cleaning things up only to have everything look like I did nothing after ten minutes of turning my back. Well, this morning, Miranda, Dario, and I were home, and I was busy accomplishing things (today was a higher energy day, let me tell you). I got upset with Miranda when I realized that she had started moving things all over the living room right after I had just fixed it all, putting it all in place boringly against the wall. Wouldn't you know that her actions actually inspired me to rearrange the little toy area in a more fun and attractive way? Here are some photos of Miranda's new kitchen and sitting area in our living room. My footstool to the glider is her "table". She finally has a little spot of her own... Sort of, since the boys will also want to be in it. What seemed like the usual frusterating tediosity actually turned out to be a good thing... What a relief and surprise!


  1. how precious! you took a mundane activity...cleaning up toys!!...and made it fun! Hopefully Miranda will be able to enjoy her "space" for a little while on her own until the boys invade it!

  2. i'm in that mode right now with Benjamin...always on the move! It will be so cute to see them together when you come:) And very innovative way to keep that baby from slipping out of that stroller!!