Sunday, May 11, 2008

Luca- A "4 Year Old" In Our Midst...

So, we did a "Fish and Matthew 4:19" Themed party for Luca this year, but... I was not able to do many of the things I planned. It ended up being simpler than I intended, but it was still fun. I made a scherenschnitte fish card for him, we watched movies we could remember that we had with fish in them. (There are lots if you keep your eye out for them, by the way; but we only watched a couple.) Little things here and there, and the party and day were a success. He was overjoyed, and, funny enough, surprised that his guests brought him some really fun gifts. He loved having his friends over to spend time together, to eat Papa's yummy homemade cheesesteaks, and to have cake and ice cream. Here are some shots of our night...


  1. I cannot believe he is FOUR already!!! Where does the time go? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUCA:) I can't wait to see all of them so I can hug and kiss each one of them!

  2. Happy birthday cousin Luca. Looks like you were surrounded by lots of friends and cousins. What a blessing. My little one will be 3 next month and the other 5!

  3. Thank you, Zias!!! I love you, and I cannot wait to see you and hug you and my cousins, too.