Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Time To Remember Their Sacrifice...

This past Friday was a day to send off a friend of ours who is stationed here in Naples. He will be leaving for Iraq on Monday. Please keep him, our many military personel, and their families in your prayers. Their sacrifice is larger than most of us can comprehend without living it out ourselves, or, in my case, seeing it firsthand for even a few hours. They NEED our prayers. Your care means more than you think. The best support we can give is so simple and requires only a few minutes in a day. In the car, in a doctor's waiting room, in the line at the grocery store, at a t-ball game... anywhere you are is a good time and a good place to remember those in need and have a talk with Jesus concerning them. So, let us join together, even across these miles to do just that. Won't you?

Here is the paper cut that I did for a group card for the going away party. I got the pattern from

Thinking of you "L-b" family!!!... "Strength for today, and Hope for tomorrow."

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