Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flamingos At Noon- 12th Original Cut...

I was inspired to do this one for several reasons, but primarily for these particular three reasons:

1) Anthony's cousin, Susan L., mentioned some of the houses in Florida being the color of Pink Flamingos (I remember that from many visits and a 6 month residency),
2) I came across flamingos on our paper towels that I thought I might try to replicate, and
3) in the end, my spurring inspiration was watching Sanford and Son, season 1, "The Barracuda", with my family. There was a wooden plaque on the wall behind Lamont as he talked on the phone. There they were, two flamingos that I just HAD to get onto paper.

Inspiration can truly come from anywhere as long as we pay attention to the details.

On a side note, I thought the title was fitting since it is my 12th original cut, done on the 12th of June, with the sun positioned right above their heads (around noon). Funny, huh?


  1. I love your papercuts and your blog! Thanks for stopping in to see mine. Yes, I did the cat silhouette papercuts myself, and the dandelion one was the first one I attempted. I drew the cat silhouettes based on's gorgeous pictures of her own cats after my son expressed so much interest in them.

    You have a beautiful family. Best of luck with your son's PT.

  2. Your question about the link? I just meant mention the contest and make it a link to the contest page at Scribbit--just like you'd make any link by clicking that link button and inserting the URL of the contest page or the main URL. No big deal though, don't sweat it or anything.

  3. such a nice paper cut...and a good way to remember the days you had in Florida:)

  4. sorry, Scribbet, i feel kind of dumb, but it did not click... oh well, thanks for getting back to me. have a great day.

  5. I love the Sanford and Sons inspiration! So, I've been meaning to ask you for awhile now, what do you do with your paper cuts? They are so lovely and professional looking.

    Oh, and it took me FOREVER to figure out how to link things. Let me see if I can explain it:
    go to the page you want to link to (like Scribbit's contest page), click on the title of the post you want, just to make sure you are getting the URL for that specific post. Now, highlight the adress that is in the search bar at the top of the window(which should be the URL), right mouse click on it, and hit "copy." Now, on your own blog,while writing, highlight the word that you want to turn into the link, then click the link button that is in your blog toolbar. There will be a box with http:// in it. I delete the http:// and then right click and hit "Paste." Then click "Ok."

    I hope that helps. Links are fun to be able to make.

  6. This is so interesting. I have reviewed all your papercutting and wow, that looks like one challenging craft to me! Congrats!