Monday, June 23, 2008

I Have Been Linked!...

And, once again, I am overly excited for something so small. Today, Monday, June 23, I have been linked for the first time that I know of! Meaning, someone else has put my blog address into their crafty site or whatever for others to link to. Now, that is cool!! I think. Thank you to, . Wish I could, or had the time to, figure out how to link you, too. :-) Well, have a great day whoever ends up reading this.


  1. Celita,

    linking is easy...when you write your post, highlight the words you want to become linkable. Then look at the top of your posting box. Click the little green circle to the right of the colorful box.That green circle should say "link" when you hover over it. When you click it, it will ask you to enter a web address. Put after the "http://" That will make whatever you highlighted in your post become a hot link to that location.

    If you want to put a link in your sidebar, you can "add a page element" using Text and follow the same directions as above. Or you could choose the LINK "add a page element" and it will let you enter website addresses that will appear on your sidebar.

    Hope that helps and that you get linkin' around!

    Feel free to email me and I'll help you:

  2. oooh, thanks. I will have to try it- and soon. Sounds like it can be lots of fun once i get started... :-) You are sweet. Thank you for your help. have a great day.

  3. Yes, it is 'thrilling' when someone links you or comments. My very first comment brought the biggest smile to my face. It sort of 'justifies' all your time & effort (maybe too much time?) on the computer...oops, I mean doing something creative! Keep up the creativity with your papercuts. Did you find a copy of the book?

  4. Thank you for understanding, Hurrayic. :-) I will keep a look out for the book, but have not actually had a chance to go and do an in depth search yet. :-) thanks for checking in... have a great day.