Friday, June 20, 2008

Physical Therapy Has Begun!!!...

Dario began his physical therapy on Wednesday, the 18th. I got a call from the girl that day saying she wanted to know if it would be okay to come by and get to know him a bit. Alright, sure. Well, he did not have a problem with her, but he was not too keen on the things she was trying out on his neck. He pretty much screamed the entire time. Thank goodness Thursday and Friday went MUCH better. And here is a Praise Report... we took Dario to the pediatrician again. Okay, the poor kid seems to never finish having something up. He has conjuctivitis (pink eye)that is bad enough that he wakes up with his eyes "glued" shut. That is both "ick" and "awwww". He has some redness in his throat, too. Anyhow, the praise is that the doctor was thrilled with the progress he has had with his neck since she last saw him in May. She actually said that she would venture to say that it was a 60% improvement since then, and that is only a month ago (and before the therapy even began). Wow!!! God is good. So, anyhow, keep praying and praising, and thank you to all of you who have been interceding for us. You mean so much. We will be doing the physical therapy 5 days a week for at least three months, so you know... Soon.

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  1. That's awesome...about the neck improvement and awww about the pink eye but that will go away soon I'm sure:) So sorry that we won't get to see this precious little one but in due time we will!!