Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some Of The Pictures I Have To Share...

Summer fun and Potty training do NOT go hand in hand... :-) Feel free to pass along tips for potty training Miranda... sigh... We do have shots of the four kids watching two helicopters pass by. Oh, how they are amazed by them. Even caught my father-in-law holding Dario. He hates when I go on a photo rampage. But he sat still and bore it. Thank you for the memories!!! Well, here you go for now. I will have more soon. Love you!!!

Oh, July is upon us, and this is what we have planned the first week... Secondly first, since I want to end good. We are doing a double birthday party for Giosaia, whose actual birthday is the 5th), and Antonio, (who missed having a party the last couple of years due to sickness). Giosaia requested to celebrate and share his birthday with his brother. Isn't he sweet and cute? We could not pass up this chance to bless both of them. And I thought it was a great lesson in giving, loving, and kindness. We will be celebrating on Sunday, July 6th here at our house. Yippee!!! As usual it will probably be a "stars and stripes" theme that goes so easily with the holiday weekend. :-) We will see as I have not figured out so many details.

Anywho... Then, our military friends from Naples, the Candeloro family, kindly invited us to spend Independence Day with them again. Yay!! That means we get a sort of American celebration complete with burgers, hotdogs, other yummies, fun time together with friends we love, entertainment from military personel (hoping the one singer girl will be back this year, she can sing some-kinda-almost-ella-fitzgerald, Man!), and at the end of the day, what makes my heart soar and my tears fall in gratefulness, FIREWORKS! The 4th of July would not be the same without them, and we had a couple without them to know it. Thank you Anthony and Elaine and family. We love you and are so grateful for you (not just because you take us to C.P. with you!). :-) Have a great day to all of you! And REMEMBER our military and the reason we fought and still fight today. Independence, there is nothing like it. Thinking of you all. Happy July 4th-full-of-memories!!!


  1. I love the pictures of the kids watching the helicopter. It's such a cute, innocent kid thing to do and yet again proves that the smallest things can truly capture a child's attention. I am SOOOO excited that you will be spending the 4th with us, and I will be digging through my stuff from Joseph's birthday (since the color scheme was red and blue) to see if there is anything that you can use. As for potty training Miranda, maybe try big girl underwear with one of the plastic liner underwears over it. She probably will not like the feeling of being wet in it, and might want to try the potty. Great pictures, Celita:)

  2. When I see your kids I'm amazed at how quickly they are growing! I'm so glad for you that you're able to enjoy some of the American holidays with friends there:) The pics of Miranda on the potty are priceless!!

  3. Wow, what a view! (the photo with the 4 kids looking out what I believe is the backyard)...can't wait to get there. Been too long.