Friday, July 11, 2008

17th Papercut- "Bound Together By Love... And Music"...

So... there happen to be moments in life when you know that God has given you a particularly special blessing. Sometimes it is a special package that comes in the mail to encourage you at just the right moment. It could be a phone call, a sunset, or even a rainbow. It could be a lot of things if you sit and think about it. One of our special blessings has been a friendship. It started off with Marco N., who has been a very dear encourager and has a fun sense of humor, but then our friendship took on a more full and interesting and marvoulous turn when he married his wife Giovanna Q... They have great love for each other and also a tremendous love for music. They share their lives, music, and faith willingly with our church and community in so many ways. I wanted to do something personal for them so I made this cutting, first, to wish Marco a "Happy Birthday", and secondly, to thank them for being a part of my life, our lives. We love you M & G!!!

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