Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another And Different Writing Contest
is the extended due date for your entry, and...
here are the details of what you need to do for the writing contest...

The Topic:
An Ah-ha Moment of Motherhood. Tell me about a time when something really clicked for you and you saw motherhood in a new way. Or when you felt enlightenment in regards to your role as a mother or how you should handle a situation in your family. Or when you had an epiphany about your own mother. You get the picture. I'll be posting mine in the next couple of days.

The Rules:
Write a new post on the above topic on your blog. Be sure to leave me a comment on this post so that my readers and I can come over to your blog and read it. And please mention the contest and link to this post when you write your contest entry, so that if your readers want to participate, they'll know how to. The contest begins immediately and will go through June 30th.

If you don't have a blog and still wish to participate, please email me your entry. I claim the right to post any such entries on my blog (giving you the credit for writing it, naturally.)

For more information check Michal's link above!!!


  1. thanks so much for the advertising! i hope you'll contribute-- i can always tell a good mother when i see one!:)

  2. well i have had several a-ha moments, i may have to dig around and see if i'd like to submit one. ;)