Monday, July 21, 2008

An Easy How -To On Making Paper Flowers...

Follow the link... So many possibilities for this!!! Nice!


  1. This is so cute! Did I tell you that growing up a family that had 5 kids were some of my closests playmates. Their last name was Perillo as well. :)

  2. no, i did not know... wouldn't it be funny if they were long lost relatives of my hubby?? (there are some because he had great aunts move there, and they lost touch with all of those extended relatives.) huh! that is a fun bit of life trivia... :-) hope you are having a great day. by the way, i have listed you in my favorites. would love to be in touch every once in a while. I know you mentioned that you were planning your next move... to Australia or England. well, you could come back to Italy, near me, and then we could really get to know each other better. :-) Have a great one!!