Saturday, July 12, 2008

From June...

Here are a variety of pictures that I have been meaning to send out. They are written in backwards, sorry... Dario with his pacifier in wrong, Dario with my friend Roxana, Roxana's girls whom are friends with my boys (Marie Sophie and Giosaia are very close, finish each others coloring pictures, and love to play together); Luca and Miranda on my father-in-law's tractor, Giosaia and Antonio posing on their bikes, the nest and piece of wood that Luca thought was dog excretion :-), Luca checking out the nest and still doubtful of that piece of wood, water experimentation fun, Papà's fun Sunday activity- water balloons, the kids ready and waiting to get at those balloons, our interest in bees was compounded after watching The Bee Movie (liked it, even after hearing mixed opinions on it), the kids playing in our grass-growing "back yard" with Anthony looking on, Luca and Anthony, the wheat field, and the view from the back of our house... Enjoy!!!

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