Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Giosaia's 6th And Antonio's 7 1/2 Birthday Party, July 6th...

Sidewalk Chalk, balloons, watermelon, water balloons, food, toys, and outdoor fun!!! It was a simple party with the theme of bees from the Bee Movie (which I really liked), and focusing most on Striped Stars and striped balloons. Anyhow, we started the party around 3 pm and the last person left at 10:30 pm. Most of the art was made by the kids, except for the man's face and a woman holding a baby (supposed to be me). Those were made by Anthony, my husband. Giosaia loved being with his family and friends and celebrating his special day in unison with his older brother, Antonio. He had asked me months ago to celebrate his birthday with him because Antonio had not had a party for his birthday because many of us were sick at the time. So, to honor a very unselfish request and, hopefully, cultivate more seeds of compassion, giving, and love, we willingly granted it. It made my heart soar to see them so happy together. Brothers... and at the same time...Friends.


  1. great pics...looked like a great party! and how sweet that Giosaia wanted to celebrate with his brother:) wish we could have been there to celebrate it with them! we just went to see the Bee movie today at the theater...i agree very cute!

  2. Love all the birthday photos!
    Also, wanted to let you know, you have been awarded a new blogger award, "Wylde Women Award" created by Tammy Vitale. You can read about here:

    La Donna

  3. Wow, LaDonna, I will check it out right away... Thank you for letting me know. Hope you are well.

  4. Do you know what I like most about this post about the bday party? It's a real kids party, where they can just play and have fun. I like simplistic, people get crazy with parties it seems these days. Looks like everyone had a really nice day.Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you participate in the "L" thankful list on Tuesday, link it up! :)