Wednesday, August 6, 2008

18th And 19th Papercut ATCs...

First is "New Mercies Every Morning" based on the calendar at top right of my blog with the rooster on it ( The colors are crimson red on bright yellow.
Secondly, is Isaiah 64:8 which was created for a trade with another Christian crafter, Nancy.


  1. These are beautiful!


  2. Great cards! Thanks for the comment on my turning 30 post! You brought some tears to my eyes I must admit;) I've already started feeling the way your sister-in-law felt. When we moved here to this new town I found that there were a lot of "fake" people out there. I'm not about that in the least. Take me as I am or don't take me at all. I have an imperfect life blessed by the Lord and I'm thankful for it everyday, the good, the bad and the ugly. Talk with you soon :)

  3. Oh my goodness!! How did you do these? They are beautiful!!!

    (Thanks for visiting my little blog, too!)

  4. I may have to do a post on "how i do this" :-) well, you draw a picture on a side of cardstock or scrapbook paper or origami paper, even copypaper... if you are doing a scherenschnitte, the goal is to make one picture from one sheet of paper. meaning all parts of the pictures in some way or another touch the edge or each other. regular paper cutting means you can cut individual pieces of paper and even glue them near each other. each is fun. for words... draw letterin BACKWARDS on the back of whatever paper you are using. at first, make sure your letters are drawn the right Wrong-way in a mirror. if you can read it in the mirror it is written correctly, if not, well. that is obvious. :-) try it, you may just get hooked like I have. to cut, i use an exacto knife, but i also have little cuticle scissors... there are other small scissors you can use. use what you have to see what works best for you. worth a try!!! there are some other ways, but for now, that is what i will mention.

  5. here is more explanation and some sites to go to to know more about scherenschnitte and papercutting... there is also a link on my favorite blogs and sites to she has GREAT work, really awesome stuff.

    the blog entry comment to check at is here...