Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Write-Away Contest Subject Has Been Revealed...

If you'd like to participate here are the rules:

1. Write a post or find one in your archives on the topic, "First Kiss" and email your post's permalink to me at scribbit at The permalink is the URL of the individual post--not the URL of your blog--usually found by clicking on the post title or time stamp and copying the URL that appears in the address field. I will accept entries through Sunday August 17th. If you fail to meet the August 17th deadline I will still happily publish your link with the list of entries but it will not be judged. I reserve the right to reject submissions if they fail to meet the topic or if they contain objectionable content.

2. Publish a link to the contest page here at Scribbit in either your entry post or in a separate post. I'm not picky how you do this, just give the contest a little mention as a courtesy and nod back. Don't stress over it because I won't.

3. Check back here on Tuesday August 19th when I will post a complete list of the entries along with the Write-Away Winner and any Honorable Mentions our judge sees fit to award.

Check the link for other information, like prize info (!)... and Have Fun "Writing- Away"!!!

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