Friday, August 29, 2008

"A" For Thankful Thursday...

Sorry I am late... I will be late next week, too, as we are going away on Sunday and will not be back until Saturday. So you know... :-)


1) ants, aardvarks, asps, anteaters, antelope, alligators, Arabian horses, armadillos

2) Antonio, my first son, who likes: Air guitar, All balls, Animals, Americana

3) Baby's Arms Reaching Around my neck, giving Amazing kisses upon my Ample cheek...

4) Apple pie, Astronauts, Anograms, Allegories, sweet Aromas, autobiographies, axioms

5) never Abandoned or forgotten, Access to God's throne through Jesus, Always in Jesus' intercessional prayers, And Amazing unconditional love...

6) Art, Arches, story of Noah's Ark, assertiveness; Ability to hear, see, smell, touch, and love

7) Antarctica, Aspen, Asia, Arkansas, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Avellino, Ambler

8) Friend's Availablity to chat on the phone, blog, and keep in touch by writing

9) Anything that makes us Abound in wholesome, healing, clean laughter...

10) Attractive flowers, like Azaleas; Auburn tresses; Authentic, down-to-earth people


  1. Aracelis, Allowing us to get to know your Awesome family, Anthony's and Anthony's friendship.

    Yesterday was great,thanks for everything:) Have fun at the beach. You certainly deserve it.

  2. Another great list! I love the baby Arms Around neck one!

  3. Hi celita, I've an award for you on my blog :)