Saturday, August 23, 2008

Glitter Is Always Fun, So Come And Win Some...

Here is a link to a give-away that is rather unique... An anniversary give-away where the prize is some very neat "Autumn Splendor" glitter that looks like pieces of gold leaf.... Hmmm. Could be fun! So sign up!!!

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  1. Celita, You are the Giveaway Network Queen! I'll know where to stop to find the latest! Thank you for posting a link to my *glitter*. :) Even if you don't win (but SURELY you WILL!), I may just send you something anyway for being such a dear- and so far away in Italy! (((Hugs)))

    If you want to meet other women of faith who love the Lord in their art (and some home school), visit . It's the group I am most active in. And there is always a swap or two going on!