Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet A New Friend!...

I linked her through someone, but I cannot remember who... Shows how much blog-hopping I was doing that day. I am excited because, little by little, I am finding blogs put out there by other Bible-believing women, who are wives, mothers, crafters, etc... It is nice to "meet" new siblings in the Lord.

I know that there is a giveaway here, too, but pay attention to some of the details beyond that, okay. (That is important, too, I know, but if you hold on, you just might learn something that might encourage you.)


Check out her sidebar explanation about why she called her blog "Woman In The Tent". That is where she got me hooked. I was blessed as I remembered that God can use our common, ordinary, menial, tedious daily activities and can use them for great things. Trust Him, be patient, and see the overflowing of God's goodness!!!

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