Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outreach To A Neighboring Town...

Well, I do not have NEARLY enough pictures to show you on this. All I can say is that I felt unprepared and inadequate when I began these projects, but I knew that the ideas had been inspired by the Lord. Praise Him for granting us strength, wisdom, joy, hope, peace, and encouragement for each day!

I was volunteered early on to do crafts for the kids and to paint the puppet theater. I was able to get a great group of women to help me do the crafts. We split up into groups of two to three to accomplish four different crafts. We anticipated more kids showing up so we did 150 pieces per craft. We did not need that many, but it worked out because not only did the kids enjoy the activities planned, but so did the adults. There were enough to go around! Here are some pictures of the hearts that my partners and I cut, sanded, drilled, and burned writing into (Jesus Loves Me in Italian). The kids colored the hearts with markers, then we added yarn to make necklaces or bracelets, their choice. The topic was "The Empty Heart" with the lesson speaking of our need for God to fill the void in our hearts, to heal us, and make us new again... The other lessons were as follows: 1)the story of Jesus letting the little children come to Him (we made cards with a stamped figure of a boy and girl touching a heart the kids had to glue in between both figures. The heart had the name of Jesus on it. Signified how Jesus wants to be a part of our lives, and He truly loves us and wants to be our Friend. 2)Second were our hearts, 3) Was the story of the two houses, one built on the sand and the other built on the Rock (the craft was a small bottle of cooking Sea salts that had been colored by grounding down colored chalk, then they were layered as you would colored sand. A piece of paper in the shape of a house had the reference verse on itand was glued on the outside, and it was closed off with hot glued-on rocks to signify building your house on the Rock.)4) Was the story of Zaccheus. And, sadly, we had a tragic death occur in our church family, and that lesson did not occur. The craft was a tree made of different posterboard pieces. A verse was written in the "leaves", Zaccheus was to be colored then glued to a wooden clothes pin. By pinching the clothes pin and moving him up and down, he would appear to be climbing the tree. Each of the projects was interactive, some more than others, but I knew, by experience with my own Kids, that they would better remember the stories and the lessons behind them, if they had some hand-on stuff to do and then take home with them...

Then, here is the puppet theater. Anthony had to help me put the logo on it as I completely BOTCHED it, and got really frusterated. It says, "Gesu, Amico Dei Bambini", which means, "Jesus, Friend of Children". In the end, our unplanned working- together brought the whole thing together beautifully. Then, here is our dear friend, Claudio. His mom is a seamstress, so she made the curtains, and he helped to put them up and to take it to our outreach location. I was sad to see my craft "babies" go. :-) It was a very crazy time. A sacrifice of praise on behalf of me, my family, my hubby. It was very time consuming, and there were moments that were very stressful in getting it to all come together. In the end, I was blessed that God had chosen me to do it. We have outreaches here every summer, but this was the FIRST year they also included activities for the kids. And it was Great! The kids loved taking part in every day. They loved the activities. They loved learning new songs and singing them in front of everyone. They were sad when it was over. I was... excited about how it all went, but so very tired. So... I am ready for a break. But we plan on doing it again at the end of September. So the break is short lived. Good news is... we have enough crafts to cover then, so it will be a little less stressful. We are ready on so much, ahead of time. Nice!

Please help us to pray for the up and coming outreach we are doing in our own little town at the end of September. May the Lord touch hearts to follow Him, and prepare their hearts even now... And ours, too. Amen.


  1. What an awesome outreach! I love the puppet theater.

    Reminds me of a kids' program I put on in Belize when we were there for a mission project 6 years ago. We did a lot of crafts. What was amazing is I NEVER work with kids - I've actually been a little scared of them - yet somehow managed to pull together a program for up to 50 a night. Definitely a God thing.

  2. You puppet theatre looks wonderful!!!!!!!!

  3. That was awesome Celita!! And what's even more awesome is to see God using your talents for His glory and on top of that bringing your family together. It was nice seeing Anthony working on the project too! Miss you!