Saturday, August 2, 2008

Praise Report On Dario!!...

We took the baby to get an ultrasound on his neck muscles to see if there is a difference between both sides (left and right) and to get a better idea of what happened when he was born. The ultrasound revealed that muscles on both sides of his neck are nearly completely symmetrical in form with NO scar tissue or tear in the left side. Technically this should have been done months ago, by the way. We will have to get a comparison ultrasound done in October. Anyhow, this all basically means that his neck muscle did NOT tear because of trauma at birth, rather, the torticollis was caused because of his positioning in the birth canal... he remained in a strained position for too long, due to getting stuck, and that position was that his left ear pulled to his left shoulder. it strained his nerve on that side and elongated his right muscle and nerve too much and weakened the left side. On top of that, the doctor had to physically force his head to turn so he would become dislodged and be born. That caused further stretching and damage. Okay, that sounds bad, but in reality, it is better than if there had been a tear, it could have been much worse and a much longer process because of it. We have been reassured that Dario should fully recover with therapy and exercise.

Both Anthony and I are at peace with how the end results of this last birth went. I am telling you, I know that both the baby and I were in danger, and the doctor thought quickly, acted, saved us from a c-section, and got us past the birthing process. These last couple of months have certainly been filled with challenges, but I am full of joy as I see how God's purposes and ways and thoughts are grander than ours... I have met people I never would have encountered otherwise, and have been able to pray for them, try to encourage them, or just pass along a wish for a nice day. I want to plant seeds that God can water and grow to bring great fruit for His kingdom. And He has chosen this season's challenges to accomplish that.

Now, we have seen a lot of progress in Dario since he began the therapy in June. It is not perfect, but there is obvious change. Please keep praying for us as we continue on this journey to full recovery and for the people we may meet along the way (that their hearts will be soft and ready to hear about and know Jesus). Praise God from whom all blessings, peace, direction, and joy come!!!

Coming soon!! An update and some pictures of this past week's adventure in Outreach-ing to Nusco!!! Phew! We are satisfied and also very tired! :-)


  1. Praise the Lord, He is so good! Thank you for your comment on my blog. It's nice to meet you, a fellow sister in Christ. My family just returned from a cruise and they loved Italy. We are hoping to go next summer if the Lord wills.

    God bless you and your beautiful family,


  2. I'm so happy to read your good news. I'm thankful and happy, my friend. jan

  3. Hi cousin, I'm so glad that you finally got the results and reasons for Dario's diagnosis. I think he's going to be on the road to recovery very soon because of all our prayers and your hard work to get him excercise and therapy. I am sorry that you had such a bad labor and delivery but thank God you are both OK.

    I can't wait to hear about your Outreach. I remember my mom talking about Nusco. Maybe we have relatives there? I think I went there before. Oh I need to go to Italy. Please pray for that prayer to be answered for our family. Jonathan and Beth are coming soon and I hope you have a lovely time together. Take lots of photos and I already asked them to as well. I want to see some scenery photos too. they are my favorite of the land around your house and the mountains and valleys and small, narrow roads and piazza photos too. :)