Saturday, August 23, 2008

Real Life Pirate Ship Uncovered Several Years Back, And Booty Still Being Uncovered... Cool!...


  1. Hey,

    I found a website I thought you might like. It has paper toys to print and cut out.

  2. Hey There!

    So glad to see you over at my 'place'--;o)

    2 of 8 doesn't 'shed' a lot--but I do! Something about postpartum/slower nursing demand seems to trigger it! So don't know if that helps you feel more 'normal'--(I think I would be a bad template for 'normal' on several fronts--hee hee).

    I'm off to go peruse some more of your posts!

  3. Woman in the Tent, Thank you... will check that out soon. Sounds just so fun!!!

    Octamom, nice to know i am not alone in my "not-so-normal"-ness. :-) (hah-hah-hah...) Glad i found a friend in you... thanks for getting back to me. oh, and you may want to check out the link that Woman in the Tent just gave me at It has paper toys to print and cut out. sounds fun!!!