Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thankful Thursdays Begin Now...

I got the idea from this site... Only they do Thankful Tuesdays. Since today is Thursday, I will begin now. Otherwise I may forget while I wait for Tuesday to come back around...:-)
Anyhow, check out this site for their Thankful list.

I have gathered that you take one letter from the word Thankful for each Thursday until it is completed. I don't know, but I am thinking that I would just start the word all over again, but I guess that depends how it goes. I mean, there is always some thing to be thankful for, and we need to keep on "Counting our blessings..." So... here I go.

1) Toes on babys, Ticklish sons and daughter, Treats from my hubby

2) Tracy, Timmy, Titi's, Titzi,

3) Teaching opportuties gone right

4) Tigers, Thrushes, Trees, Tulips, Tiny Treasures found in nature

5) Time to be Together with family and friends

6) Tanzania, Turkey, Thailand

7) Telephone calls and letters from far away

8) To be able to Touch and Taste, Tastebuds for Tasting food, Teeth, Toilet paper

9) Transportation, Trains, Taxis, Tubs, Tables

10)Trails of blogs to explore


  1. Such a neat idea--love the brain exercise of thinking in 't's!

    Glad I got a Thursday Tee-Hee out of you for my Teeter Todder Ta-Tas!


  2. Thunder thighs on babies, tubby little tummies, treasures from a toddler, twinkle in their eyes, tops of muffins, teacups, twizzlers

  3. Quite the list! I like that last one - trails of blogs to explore!