Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belated August News: Church Lunch At Laceno...

Plans were made for church members to make a trip together to a park near us to have lunch and spend the afternoon together. Fun! A cook-out, fun and games, fairly nice weather, good food, busy kids, a bit of craft time, and leaving so late we had a bonfire at night. Well, now, I have very few pictures, but I assure you it was nice. And, we left because it was black out and the area is known for wolves... EEEEEE!!!! They might be more scared of us than we are of them, but we were in their territory, and if we had to pee we had to go in the midst of all those trees where they were probably observing us!!! ahhhhhh!!! No, really, it was eerie that late at night, without much of a moon, but it was gorgeous in the great out-doors. :-) Nice day!

Belated August News: Trip To Visit Family In Caserta...

Anthony's dad had some cousin visit from England, and we visited with them at a family member's house in Caserta. We had a fabulous time... just being together and swimming... It was quite an enjoyable time. :-) Thank you, Zia Giuseppina, Zio Armando, Elio and Rosetta and family... Hugs to all of you!!!

Oh, side note, check out this gorgeous tree!! It looks like it is flowering, but in reality it is an all LEAFY tree. The lilac color are leafy "blossoms"... So gorgeous, I tell you!! Apparently it sheds alot in between seasons and can be a hassle to keep cleaning up after, but... oh, look at those colors and its uniqueness... Anyone know what it is called? Tell me, tell me!! :-)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It Is Our RIGHT... Having Been Fought For And Won For...

Please consider this blog entry and VOTE!!! Ladies, especially, this is BIG!!! I know that OI will do more than THINK about it... I will also be PRAYING about it... How about you?


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Belated "U" for Thankful Thursday...

I had family in town, and NEVER even checked my emails, we were having so much fun. So, here I am, belated, but, oh so happy. :-)

1) Underwear that fit, Umbrellas for downpours, Unschooling, Unbred puppies (I am a fan of mutts),

2) U-turns, Unbuckling tight pants or shoes (ick),

3) Uganda, Ukraine, Underwater cities, Evangel University, Uraguay, Utah

4) Umbilical cords cut by my husband, Unbelief turned to belief,

5) Unbearably sweet kisses and hugs from my young-Uns,

6) Sweet nothing Uttered in my ear, Utilizing everything the best I can,

7) Ushers at church, the relief of expelled Urination,

Good Gracious, I am having a hard time with this one... Any help out there? Feel free to let me know what you think I should add... and, if I can come up wiht any more, I will let you know... Think, think, think... :-)

As I said, if I thought of any more to add, I would, only I could not come up with any more that I was satisfied, until my friend Elaine commented to give me some more ideas. I am adopting her answers... So, to see the great things she came up with click on the comment button below... :-)

It Was Nice To Get Tagged...

Wow, I have been tagged... :-) My hubby's cousin, Susan, tagged me with this especially cute logo, and I must say, it made me feel extra special today. Thank you, Susan L. from Where In The World, for your thoughtfulness. I really appreciate the thought. Have a great day! Love ya!

Now it's my turn to tag 7 others, and here are the "rules":
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So now to tag my 7.....here are seven blogs (in no particular order) that I love visiting routinely:

Jan...Octamom...Bring the Rain...Riddles...Emily H...Neatcs...shabbynest...

Tag, you're it! :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hop On Over...

I just joined a new Flickr Group that is encouragement and faith based, and each person who contributes their works of creativity has been asked to share why their art piece is meaningful. So, I went back through each of the papercuts I have completed throughtout this year, since April, and added a bunch of notes. I thought that you might be interested in seeing the pieces again and maybe read what I have added. If you would like to, click on the link below... Some of them are words that I copied and pasted from this blog, but others are brand new thoughts. Either way, may you be blessed as you read my heart, my thoughts, and my sentiments...

Thanks for checking in!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"F" For Thankful Thursday...

I started my list on paper this time, but... left it downstairs and am feeling too lazy to go get it. So... here goes... Never mind, I went to get it.

1) Freckles, Fireflies, Flecks of color bouncing off the wall, Footstools, Ferns, early morning Frosts, Fond memories From my childhood

2) Florence, Florida, Firehall, Fridge, small country Farms, Frankfurt,

3) Fanny Crosby, Filomena, Fiorella, Fegan, Fran, Firemen, Figaro

4) Fabulous, Frankly, Favorable, Fashionable, Fantastic, Fantabulous, Fantasy

5) Fresh baked cookies, Freshly bathed babies, Fresh air, Freshly made beds, Freshly washed and hung laundry, reFreshing breezes,

6) Fish, Frogs, Friday, Fall (AKA Autumn), Fancy clothes occasions, frankinscense, Fictions, Finger-foods, Flames in a Fireplace, Flannel sheets on winter's coldest days, Fleeting meetings with hummingbirds, dragonFly, butterFly, Flying on an airplane and able to rest and watch a movie in peace (not that that happens anymore, but...) :-)

7) Foods like Figs, Fresh Fruit, Fanta, Flowers

8) Freedom physically, but especially, Freedom spiritually, Flashbacks to good days, turning Frowns upside down, Fair weather, Faithfulness

9) bon-Fires, Funny simplicities, Fables, Fabricating beautiful things, Faint breathing of sleeping babes, lessons learned From Failures

10) the Faces of my hubby and little and being able to see them, Fetching children; my Father God above, and my earthly Father, Bob; my hubby's joy of Fatherhood

Twinks Bank Icon Award...

I was awarded a blog award at this link! http://ribbonsetc.blogspot.com/2008/09/raks-and-award.html

The rules are:
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I award it to: (sorry for any inconveniece, i am happy to have you check in and want you to be recognized...and for you whom I do not know very well... I look forward to getting to know you better :-))

1) Decore To Adore

2) Snippety Gibbet

3) Octamom

4) Takin time to smell the flowers

5) See Beyond Now

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Papercutting In Whimsical Book Fashion!! (Wow!)...

Look at this gorgeous piece of art, and it is JUST THE BEGINNING!!! Check back! Maybe she will show us more!! :-) Wow!


Garibaldi In Papercut!!!

I have decided I need to get more interested in doing more cuts that Italians would be interested in.. since I live here. Look at one cut that I found online from someone else... Wow, huh?


Cool Gift Bag To Make!!!...

I can see myself making this, how about you??? I like!!! http://ribbonsetc.blogspot.com/2008/09/small-gift-bag.html

Major Praise Report...

Well, today we took Dario to the Orthopedic doctor in Naples that we had seen back in June... I got pictures of the beautiful view this time, too. So, after all is said and done, she (the Doctor) was very happy with the baby's improvement. His head control and head movements are fine now, and the little tilt he has now is barely noticeable from others who would not know what he has endured. When she tried to stretch him like his therapist, Maria Pia, has, he proceeded to do just as he does with her, squirm and squeal and try to escape. Clear sign he wanted to be left alone. I mentioned that over the last month Maria Pia has not had very much progress getting him to do his therapy for that reason. I had already been told by her (M.P.) that he was no longer positively responding to the therapy, which at the time made me very concerned and, okay, stressed out. Actually, as he kept pulling away he was pulling contrary to where he should have been pulling. And, the doctor backed that up and gave us the "free and clear"... NO MORE THERAPY!!! HE IS FINE!!! She actually said that if we did more it could damage the nerve by over stretching it especially forcefully. So, we are done. We are sad not to see Maria Pia as often, but we agree to make attempts to see each other when possible. God is faithful and so good. I am overwhelmed by His goodness to me. I sprinkled some tears on our way home, overwhelmed by it all. We passed some very heavy and stressful moments, and I can look back to see God's hand supporting, upholding, encouraging me along the way.

Thank you also, Anthony, for your encouragement and patience with me as I struggled along trying to do my best to help Maria Pia and do some of the exercises on my own; for tolerating my venting moments until I got myself together again; for being such a good daddy and husband, and loving us so much. Good support is worth more than words!!!

And, thank you, ALL, for your prayers, encouragement, and support. I was blessed to have you there along the way. May God bless you for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and prayers... Have a great day!


Warm Pie, Happy Home: An Autumn Housewarming.....

Well, here is an inspiring and creative blog entry to get you ready and moving on enjoying this Autumn (aka FAll) season. Enjoy some creative ideas for dolling up your home and addings some simple and special touches. There are vintage photographs and quotes to catch your eye along the way. Makes me ready for a cup of hot cocoa or my favorite tea. Already? It seems that summer was here just yesterday. Well, May your Autumn be full of blessings, joy, and creative beauty... Check out some ideas at this link...

Warm Pie, Happy Home: An Autumn Housewarming.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Wonderful Way To Touch A Life Through Crafting...

Here is a great idea... Crafting AND touch someones life at the same time. See what I mean here at this blog link... I love Missions, and I often want to help in some way, but normally do not know exactly how... Here is one way. Check it out!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

To My ATC And Crafting Kindred Spirits...

Tonya, click link below, Has offered some VERY useful things on her FLICKR account for free download. Check it out when you can... You just might find something you can use. Have fun crafting away!


Are We Done Yet?...

That is the question this mom of eight addresses... Please read her beautiful perspective and prodding encouragement at this link...


I have dealt with these same thoughts so many times over. Here we are with five little blessings and one in heaven with Jesus, and I am torn about not having more and being able to give myself 100% to each of the blessings I already have, to be able to offer them more in time, materials, etc...

I have GROWN to REALLY love motherhood, pregnancy and all, in spite of the challenges. I did not take such pleasure with it with my first. It was better with my second. My third was born in turbulent times. I miscarried my fourth,but by the, technically, 5th and sixth, well, something clicked... Any job has its moments of difficulty, but how many jobs have such wonderful perks? "I love you's", kisses, squishes from chubby arms, adorable family pictures, satisfaction in seeing their wonder turn to understanding, watching them play and learn at the same time, observing them growing into little people who will one day be grown adults... There is so much. I will not willingly miss out on that.

Am I done having children? Hmmm... as far as we are concerned, Yes... If God provided another blessing by surprise would I accept it with joy, excitement, and thorough pleasure? You better believe it. I have a fuller knowledge of how real Psalm 127 is... "Children are a blessing..." It is not just there to sound nice, IT IS True. Hard times? Absolutely. Sorrow? At times. Frusteration, anger, plain outright tears of distress and discouragement? Sure, but it IS about FAITH. In knowing that it is not about us, not about how many or how spread out, but rather in remembering that parenting is a MINISTRY given with the intention of stretching, growing, and nurturing us closer to the throne of God by means of these little children. I am not alone, for God has promised to give me the joy, peace, hope, encouragement, faith, and wisdom I need to train them up, and raise them up. As much as they are mine, they are more HIS, and He loves them far more that I EVER could, even though that may seem hard to understand to some.

Of course, I am speaking from my perpective, on MY life. I do NOT expect everyone to have 5 kids. I am stating this only to vent off feelings that are not always so widely accepted. Lots of people SAY with their mouths how great children are, but in the next breath make it seem that they are a tremendous burden to have around. If I can do anything out of this ministry that God has given me, I would pray that God uses the little I have (my home, my marriage, and my family) to bring blessing to Him, to draw my kid's hearts closer to Jesus, and that others would be encouraged to rejoice in the blessings of FAMILY. To relish the times together, and joy in knowing that as we have FAITH and SEEK after God with all of our hearts, souls, minds, and strength... well, that we are not alone, and He will provide for all of our needs. My family is proof of that. I am my own example. May my example bring you joy, and encourage you to want more of Jesus. And may it, not so much get you to want to have more babies, as to enjoy the one or ones you already have.

As I enter what seems to be a new and different chapter in life, I can only say that "Life Has Been Wonderfully FULL!" And I would not have it any other way...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"K" For Thankful Thursday...

1) Kites, Kittens, Kaleidoscopes, Kazoos, Karats, Keys, Kilns and what goes in them; Knights in shining armor

2) Karen, Kreation Kween, Keela, Kira, Kathy, Kyle, Martin Luther King,

3) King Of Prussia, Kingdom come, Khazikstan, Kansas, Kentucky, Kenya, Keystone State (PA), Kitchen, Knolls, Korea,

4) Kangaroos, Koalas, Kingfish

5) Kayaking, Karate, "Kickback and relax", Kidnapping my husband for a date, Kickoff at a football game

6) Keepsakes of my Kid's, Kept promises, Keeping up on my craft time by myself or with my Kiddies

7) Kidney beans topping Spanish rice, Ketchup, Kernels of corn, Kale, Kabobs

8) Kaput, off-Kilter, Kindred spirits, Kismet, Knick-Knacks, Kooky, Kudos

9) Kilowatts, Kindnesses from unsuspected Kindred spirits, Kinfolks, Kings, Knapsacks, Kingsize beds, handmade Knit items from talented friends, Knowledge

10) Kneeling at God's throne, unloading my concernes and worries and receiving peace, hope, and joy in return; Knowing that God is in control even (or especially) when I Know I am not

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

August 2 of 2: Samuel And Agata Wedding Reception...

Anthony's first cousin, Samuel, from his mom's side, got married in August. Here are some pictures of the event. We only went to the reception, as the wedding ceremony was held up North where her family now lives (meaning... they are originally from Sicily).

If any of you knows what the name of the picture is, or who painted it, please let me know, as I fell in love with it and have no info on it... Isn't it lovely? sigh...

August Wedding 1 of 2: Filomena and Felice Wedding...

This is the first of two weddings we had in August. Filomena is a cousin of Anthony's on his dad's side. She married Felice. The first pictures you see are of a mini ceremony at the house of the bride. As she passes under the arch and unties the ribbon, it signifies her leaving her parent's home to enter a new life with her new husband. I am not sure if this is a common practice or not. It IS the first time Anthony has caught it on camera for me to see. I only went to the reception, not the house or ceremony.

Oh, and the last picture is of a restaurant that was directly next to the restaurant where the reception was held. It was called the Ristorante American... Just HAD to get a picture. Maybe it is not a great one, but the best I could get. And, it IS still a memory. :-)