Thursday, September 11, 2008

Are We Done Yet?...

That is the question this mom of eight addresses... Please read her beautiful perspective and prodding encouragement at this link...

I have dealt with these same thoughts so many times over. Here we are with five little blessings and one in heaven with Jesus, and I am torn about not having more and being able to give myself 100% to each of the blessings I already have, to be able to offer them more in time, materials, etc...

I have GROWN to REALLY love motherhood, pregnancy and all, in spite of the challenges. I did not take such pleasure with it with my first. It was better with my second. My third was born in turbulent times. I miscarried my fourth,but by the, technically, 5th and sixth, well, something clicked... Any job has its moments of difficulty, but how many jobs have such wonderful perks? "I love you's", kisses, squishes from chubby arms, adorable family pictures, satisfaction in seeing their wonder turn to understanding, watching them play and learn at the same time, observing them growing into little people who will one day be grown adults... There is so much. I will not willingly miss out on that.

Am I done having children? Hmmm... as far as we are concerned, Yes... If God provided another blessing by surprise would I accept it with joy, excitement, and thorough pleasure? You better believe it. I have a fuller knowledge of how real Psalm 127 is... "Children are a blessing..." It is not just there to sound nice, IT IS True. Hard times? Absolutely. Sorrow? At times. Frusteration, anger, plain outright tears of distress and discouragement? Sure, but it IS about FAITH. In knowing that it is not about us, not about how many or how spread out, but rather in remembering that parenting is a MINISTRY given with the intention of stretching, growing, and nurturing us closer to the throne of God by means of these little children. I am not alone, for God has promised to give me the joy, peace, hope, encouragement, faith, and wisdom I need to train them up, and raise them up. As much as they are mine, they are more HIS, and He loves them far more that I EVER could, even though that may seem hard to understand to some.

Of course, I am speaking from my perpective, on MY life. I do NOT expect everyone to have 5 kids. I am stating this only to vent off feelings that are not always so widely accepted. Lots of people SAY with their mouths how great children are, but in the next breath make it seem that they are a tremendous burden to have around. If I can do anything out of this ministry that God has given me, I would pray that God uses the little I have (my home, my marriage, and my family) to bring blessing to Him, to draw my kid's hearts closer to Jesus, and that others would be encouraged to rejoice in the blessings of FAMILY. To relish the times together, and joy in knowing that as we have FAITH and SEEK after God with all of our hearts, souls, minds, and strength... well, that we are not alone, and He will provide for all of our needs. My family is proof of that. I am my own example. May my example bring you joy, and encourage you to want more of Jesus. And may it, not so much get you to want to have more babies, as to enjoy the one or ones you already have.

As I enter what seems to be a new and different chapter in life, I can only say that "Life Has Been Wonderfully FULL!" And I would not have it any other way...


  1. I had my daughter when I was very young and we grew up together. My son took years and years of prayer before he arrived. Two vastly different (and sometimes difficult) situations that I would not trade for the world. As my daughter is now 19 I now often think "I could be a Grandma in 5,6,7,8...years" this thought brings me much joy.

  2. So thrilled to read your post here--your comments over at my 'place' just touched me so much--I'm glad to know that whatever words and thoughts I bring to the topic found resonance in you.

    Loved your thoughts on this, love your transparency and heart--

  3. This entry was such a blessing for me! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and God's plan for motherhood. :-)

  4. You humble me. I do not appreciate my 3 kids as much as I truly should, because they are after all, each a precious blessing. Thank you for the reminder. :)