Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Belated August News: Trip To Visit Family In Caserta...

Anthony's dad had some cousin visit from England, and we visited with them at a family member's house in Caserta. We had a fabulous time... just being together and swimming... It was quite an enjoyable time. :-) Thank you, Zia Giuseppina, Zio Armando, Elio and Rosetta and family... Hugs to all of you!!!

Oh, side note, check out this gorgeous tree!! It looks like it is flowering, but in reality it is an all LEAFY tree. The lilac color are leafy "blossoms"... So gorgeous, I tell you!! Apparently it sheds alot in between seasons and can be a hassle to keep cleaning up after, but... oh, look at those colors and its uniqueness... Anyone know what it is called? Tell me, tell me!! :-)


  1. Hi there! I think it's called Bougainvillea. Check out this link to see if it's the right one; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bougainvillea

  2. Hi, Baronessblack, thank you so much!! i will have to check into it. Thanks for the info, and for checking in. Have a great day!!!:-)

  3. beautiful family, beautiful tree..what was that big huge wall that had the arches in it on the highway?!

  4. I enjoy seeing the photos of your family in Italy. The landscapes are so.......Italian! And then the photos of people's backyards could just as easily be any suburb in the U.S. It's fun seeing the kids and your hubby playing with them too.

  5. I believe the tree is called a BOUGAINVILLEA?? Correct me, if I am wrong. Thank you to Baronessblack for doing the research for me... :-)

    and, Claudia, I think it is an old AQUEDUCT... Neat, huh?

    Thanks for checking in, All!!