Saturday, September 27, 2008

Belated "U" for Thankful Thursday...

I had family in town, and NEVER even checked my emails, we were having so much fun. So, here I am, belated, but, oh so happy. :-)

1) Underwear that fit, Umbrellas for downpours, Unschooling, Unbred puppies (I am a fan of mutts),

2) U-turns, Unbuckling tight pants or shoes (ick),

3) Uganda, Ukraine, Underwater cities, Evangel University, Uraguay, Utah

4) Umbilical cords cut by my husband, Unbelief turned to belief,

5) Unbearably sweet kisses and hugs from my young-Uns,

6) Sweet nothing Uttered in my ear, Utilizing everything the best I can,

7) Ushers at church, the relief of expelled Urination,

Good Gracious, I am having a hard time with this one... Any help out there? Feel free to let me know what you think I should add... and, if I can come up wiht any more, I will let you know... Think, think, think... :-)

As I said, if I thought of any more to add, I would, only I could not come up with any more that I was satisfied, until my friend Elaine commented to give me some more ideas. I am adopting her answers... So, to see the great things she came up with click on the comment button below... :-)


  1. 1)Underdogs Usurping the Upper-hand
    2)Ups and downs of parenting
    3)Unselfish acts
    4)Unspoken Understanding
    5)Uber-Goober (the nickname for my daughter, one of many nicknames)
    6)Ugly duckling(great story for children)
    7)Uncle John (the bathroom reader and my Uncle--both very interesting, entertaining, and helpful)
    9)Urkle, Steve
    10)Uplifting friends, like U!

  2. I think it is UNAMIMOUS for underwear that fits. :)

  3. Underwear that fit, umbilical cords, urination - I love this one!