Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"F" For Thankful Thursday...

I started my list on paper this time, but... left it downstairs and am feeling too lazy to go get it. So... here goes... Never mind, I went to get it.

1) Freckles, Fireflies, Flecks of color bouncing off the wall, Footstools, Ferns, early morning Frosts, Fond memories From my childhood

2) Florence, Florida, Firehall, Fridge, small country Farms, Frankfurt,

3) Fanny Crosby, Filomena, Fiorella, Fegan, Fran, Firemen, Figaro

4) Fabulous, Frankly, Favorable, Fashionable, Fantastic, Fantabulous, Fantasy

5) Fresh baked cookies, Freshly bathed babies, Fresh air, Freshly made beds, Freshly washed and hung laundry, reFreshing breezes,

6) Fish, Frogs, Friday, Fall (AKA Autumn), Fancy clothes occasions, frankinscense, Fictions, Finger-foods, Flames in a Fireplace, Flannel sheets on winter's coldest days, Fleeting meetings with hummingbirds, dragonFly, butterFly, Flying on an airplane and able to rest and watch a movie in peace (not that that happens anymore, but...) :-)

7) Foods like Figs, Fresh Fruit, Fanta, Flowers

8) Freedom physically, but especially, Freedom spiritually, Flashbacks to good days, turning Frowns upside down, Fair weather, Faithfulness

9) bon-Fires, Funny simplicities, Fables, Fabricating beautiful things, Faint breathing of sleeping babes, lessons learned From Failures

10) the Faces of my hubby and little and being able to see them, Fetching children; my Father God above, and my earthly Father, Bob; my hubby's joy of Fatherhood


  1. I love your "F" list:) How amazing that you live in Italy. How long have you been there?

  2. FIVE years this past week!!! Wow! :-)Thanks for checking in...

  3. What a great list--I'm so impressed with all the things you come up with!!!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on 7's Brain Doctor visit--your heart just shines through your writing--I'm always so blessed to hear your thoughts and learn about your experiences. Thank you so much for telling me about your son--we are in the depths of physical and occupational therapy and are so blessed with passionate, committed therapists...and I feel like the Lord is allowing me to be light and salt to them as they minister to us through our child. Amazing how the Lord works....

    Blessings, my sweet friend, blessing!