Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"K" For Thankful Thursday...

1) Kites, Kittens, Kaleidoscopes, Kazoos, Karats, Keys, Kilns and what goes in them; Knights in shining armor

2) Karen, Kreation Kween, Keela, Kira, Kathy, Kyle, Martin Luther King,

3) King Of Prussia, Kingdom come, Khazikstan, Kansas, Kentucky, Kenya, Keystone State (PA), Kitchen, Knolls, Korea,

4) Kangaroos, Koalas, Kingfish

5) Kayaking, Karate, "Kickback and relax", Kidnapping my husband for a date, Kickoff at a football game

6) Keepsakes of my Kid's, Kept promises, Keeping up on my craft time by myself or with my Kiddies

7) Kidney beans topping Spanish rice, Ketchup, Kernels of corn, Kale, Kabobs

8) Kaput, off-Kilter, Kindred spirits, Kismet, Knick-Knacks, Kooky, Kudos

9) Kilowatts, Kindnesses from unsuspected Kindred spirits, Kinfolks, Kings, Knapsacks, Kingsize beds, handmade Knit items from talented friends, Knowledge

10) Kneeling at God's throne, unloading my concernes and worries and receiving peace, hope, and joy in return; Knowing that God is in control even (or especially) when I Know I am not

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