Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random August Kid's Pictures...

Okay, long time... over due... and, we have... pictures of various people in our lives, with at least one of the kids. And, we have the newest additions to our home, two brother puppies, whom I have named Jack and Benny (yes, after Jack Benny, the old Comedian- Ha ha ha). Jack is the German Shepherd-looking-one (must take after his father), and Benny is the smaller, furrier black one (who must take after his mother I have been told). We also have 3 kittens, whom are not named at this time. One is not shown. The black and white is the oldest, then the tabby. The kids are having a blast with all these baby animals around, that is for sure.

And, Julie, see the picture of Luca and Miranda together? Recognize their outfits? Yes, those were your kid's old infant pajamas that you gave me when one of my first two was born. They have officially been stretched out and recycled as play clothes. Even Giosaia squeezes into them. :-)

So, there are LOTS more pictures to come... Will do my best to catch up quickly. Sorry for the delay... Enjoy!!!


  1. your kids are just adorable and precious! i love seeing them so keep uploading!! i can't believe you have two new puppies and three kittens!! oh my, how do you keep up with them AND the five kids??!! you truly are super mom!

  2. Those are the sweetest little photos. I enjoyed seeing the kiddies playing around. And Dario sure is sitting up straight and tall in that photo. Things are looking good.

  3. Oh, I want pets so bad and these darling pics of your puppies and kittens doesn't help.

  4. These pictures are precious. I just love innocent little moments caught on camera. this makes me want to grab my camera and snap some shots.