Friday, October 10, 2008

For Those Of You Who Are Interested In Seeing What I Love About Papercutting...

I have just recently found this site. It is must-see. You will love it even if you Do Not papercut! Really! Oh, my goodness, it is full of everything you need to know, elegant and beautiful from the get-go, and I am even listed as a "Papercut Artist"... EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am sqealing with delight and would be jumping up and down sqealing if I was not writing this... :-) Please go check it out! You will not regret it...


  1. Celita, this is amazing! Do you do any of the stand-alone things like this, you know, other than cards?

  2. I am novice enough, only having been papercutting since this past April of 2008, that I long to but am not that far along yet. What I have on my Flickr account is pretty much the majority of what I have done, but I would love to learn more about these other neat things. i agree... AMAZING!!!

  3. Congrats on being listed as an exciting! Those papercuts were AMAZING!! Talk about learning patience...that will surely do it!