Friday, October 24, 2008

I Have NO Words (shocking, isn't it?)...

As most of you know, I have a "thing" for my African family... even those I do not know. I have a financially-sponsored brother in Liberia whom I keep in touch with, and get way to excited when I hear news about Africa and those living there. Okay, not excited about EVERYTHING. I checked into one of the blogs I like to keep tabs on, and was greeted with some posts that I just had to share. Please check them out in order, for a reason. May your heart be touched to do more than say, "Wow, that is just too bad..." Pray, for that is the WORK, but also pray that God will show you how maybe you can do MORE. Soon...


  1. One thing that we do every year is purchase a portion of our gifts from Samaratians Purse. It is run by Billy Graham's son. We buy our giftee a goat or chick etc. that is sent to 3rd world families. We are so thankful that our family is so blessed that they don't really need another "thing". This means so much.

  2. Amazing what God is doing through those He has called to touch these wonderful children of His.

  3. We are adopting from Liberia!