Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joy Deeann Carson Art...

Dancing Waitress At Midnight

Rahab (on left), Gideon (on right)


Holding It Together

Samaritan Woman


Jochabed Weaving

Coin Searcher... (This one, in particular, touches my heart in this season I am in...)

Adulterous Woman

I posted about this newfound artist, Joy Deann Carson, a little while back, but I did not show any of her art at the time. I just HAD to show you SOME of my favorites of hers. Hope I did not overdue it, Joy!!!

And, here is a quote that her father wrote to her in a journal he created for her when she was just a kid. It has since been a tremendous source of inspiration to her. May it also inspire you, as I feel it applies to all of us...

"Your foundation is secure in the promises of God. God is strong enough to hold onto you... He will not let go. If you really believe that then you will be free- truly free... Free to create like your creator- free to envision what is not so that it can become... free to let your life be a canvas for the Artist of Life- that your heart will allow the Spirit access to all the colors of your life.

When you believe that God CAN and God WILL, your hands and eyes will work in perfect harmony, like two lovers dancing as one.

You will paint from the passion rather than the pressure."

Sit back, ENJOY, and Soak it up!! Sigh... And you can see more of her work at her two sites...


  1. This artist is so talented. Her pieces make me feel relaxed and happy.

  2. Thank you for this. So inspiring - both her work - and, especially the journal quote. Imagine having a journal produced for you by your father. We do, don't we!

  3. i have been away from blogland for a while now, but i am BACK! :) thank you for your sweet words once again Celita, my faraway friend