Saturday, October 4, 2008

"L" For Belated Thankful Thursday...

ooh, so many...

1) Love in all its Lovely forms: between Loving husbands and wives, siblings, Little kids, parents and their Little children, parents and their grown children, Loyal friends, extended family, etc...

2) Lilies, Lilacs, Larkspur, Lamprey, Laos, Laptops,Laundromat, clean Lavatories, Lavender, Leaves, Learning more about and from my Jesus, Leaving a Legacy of faith

3) Luscious, Lightening, Lamentations (book of the Bible, Lamps, Lighthouses, Landscapes, Languages, Lanolin, Lanterns, Liberia, Lineage, Literacy, Literature

4) Lilith, Luca, Lisa, Luke, Layla, Laila, Leann, Leandra, Martin Landau, Leia, Abraham Lincoln, the Lynch family,

5) Lion, Leopard, Lynx, Larks, Ladybugs, Llama, Lambs, Lapdogs, Lattice, Laughing, Laudry free days, red Licorice, Lifesavers, Light from the sun

6) Leotard, Letters of the alphabet, Letters that come in the mail, Leaning into kisses, Leisure walks on Laid-back days, Lettuce, Liberty

7) Laymen, Lawyers who actually help families, Lessons from special talented teachers,

8) Labeling things, Laciness, Labor and delivery and getting to see our new Little one, Lisps from verbal Little Lips, Lactation, Lithographs, Livelihood, really enjoying Life!!! my kid's Loaded questions

9) Labor Day, Ladders used for decoration or to reach fruit up on high Limbs, healthy and unbroken body Limbs, not being Laden with burdens, Ladles,

10) Lagging behind during nature walks, Lagoons, Lamenating, the Lame being made to walk again,


  1. Oooh! This is good. So many wonderful things on your list. There is a message for you on my blog.