Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please Pray For These...

On October 15th I posted about this blog entry. Since then Bring the Rain has received 2095 Comments thus far. Please take some time to read them, and to pray. There are so many women who are hurting still after the loss of their children. You WILL cry, there may be a time when the hurt you feel for them may seem like a burden too heavy to bear. The point is... "take everything to God in prayer..." as the old hymn says. We need to pray. For that is THE WORK. Amen.


  1. though I have never experienced a loss like this, it was overwhelming to read some of the stories and know that these moms are bonded together through their experiences. Praise God that He brings them together to be uplifted and encouraged. I passed it along to two mothers that came to mind that have had of them many...and one had a stillborn. I pray it's an encouragement to them.