Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About My "Confession" Post...

Okay, so, I decided to encourage myself in my "creative recycling" in this post since this morning I had an incident that occurred that turned out just right because of my "pack-rat"ness... Hello! I know that is not a word, I had to use it, though, to make my point.

Anyhow, imagine telling your four year old to get dressed for school, only to have him approach you half an hour later only dressed in a t-shirt and underwear. The expression on his face is half matter-of-fact, a quarter distress, and a quarter full of faith that I will have the answer to his predicament. "Mamma, these underwear got too big, and you have to give them to Antonio." Mind you, these underwear are for a 2, 3, maximum four year old (if they are thin in the waist like mine are). There is normally NO way a 6 or 7 year old could comforably wear them. Only, here was this poor child who needed to make his point by letting go of the waist band to make sure that he was serious. Down they went.

So, I, in my creative, "brilliant", pack-rat way, had just the solution. Remember those holey underwear I mentioned in the last post. Actually I looked at them. I kept them because after just a few wears and washes the elastic had gone REALLY bad. Defective to be sure. Anyhow, I pulled out that pair, the ones he had just dropped dejectedly on the floor, pulled out my sewing kit, that I rarely use, and pulled out a piece of elastic that I had kept from one of my hubbies old pairs of undies. And wouldn't you know... if cut in half, both pairs of kiddie undies would be usable once more.

There is a reason why I there are moments I am really glad I am the way I am. It saves money, it makes one exercise creativity, and, it makes life interesting, colorful, and just so full of spice... :-)

Out of curiosity... is there anything about yourself that you did not like while growing up, but now that you're are mostly "grown", you see God's wisdom in creating you the way He did? I have many, but... I would love to hear someone else be real, for a moment. :-)


  1. You amaze me with your improvisation skills! My mom is a packrat and amazes me with the creative kids things she comes up with by cutting up magazines etc., but I've always fought against that clutter habit and throw "everything" away on a regular basis. And sometimes I DO regret it!

  2. Hey, thanks. Been thinking about you quite a bit. how are things? and... I try to get rid of things, but as soon as I touch them, ideas flow, and I have to add it to my mountain(s) of stash, to reserve for "later" use. I have gotten better, really, but there is always room for improvement. :-)

  3. Um, I REALly think my grandmother would have fallen in love with you if she had been alive to read this post.

    Do you can your own vegetables too? I am feeling a little unworthy here!

  4. celita i so appreciate the fact that you can actually make use of the stuff you "packrat"!! me on the other hand will throw something away if it doesn't have a place or is remotely broken or ripped...maybe it's a bad thing and as your friend said, i do regret it too sometimes. thankfully he has made us all unique and uses all of us in different ways!

  5. Anita, I have helped my Mother-in-law can stuff... but on my own... not really.

    Do not feel unworthy. I am not a natural "farm" girl, not even a great artsy crafty girl... I just know that what I do I need to do, i need to use to encourage others the best I can. other than that, well, i am SO ordinary. :-)

  6. I think that is great and don't think that is packratness at all. I used old burp cloths for towels to dry my hands or for my husband to use in the garage. My dad saved some of the wires that are wrapped around lettuce bunches so when I have to tie my tomato plants it the summer I have something to tie them with. I saved some (just some) little baby food jars to hold nails, or buttons in and they look cute. :)