Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All About "November's Fantastick Write-Away Contest"...

Okay, All, this is a great and most interesting contest topic... Check it out to see what you think... Hope to entice you to join in the FUN!!!

In the words of Scribbit over at scribbit.blogspot.com..."Have you ever played Scattergories? It's one of my favorite board games and this month's writing theme will be a little like the game. You can pick your own topic this month with two, count them TWO, caveats: Your theme must fall somewhere under the heading of "Thanksgiving"and it must start with the letter F.

Strange I know but this still leaves it rather wide-open. There are a lot of F words that can be linked to the holiday--starting with food and ending with food--and you're free to follow your fancy with this one. It would be helpful if you included your F word in your title but not absolutely necessary. Got it?

Our guest judge is Andrea Tange from Mommy's Martini who is full of rock-solid experience with writing and editing (have I mentioned she's a professor?) and who will be an asset to this month's quirky contest. Translation? She's really going to make things look classier around here. She will award a first place honor to the F-post of her choice as well as three Honorable Mentions she deems worthy.

Finally, our prize this month is provided by Suave..."

If you want to know more, click here. :-)

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