Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Confession...

The Golden Rule by William Morris

"Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

I confess that this idea sounds just right... except that I am a "packrat" and "creative recycler". One of these days I will have a house that is in order and pleasant to look at. I will have everything in its place, and be able to be creative while still having everything under control. Until that day comes, well... I do my best, and that is it.

Even so, it is a great quote to remember for those little things that I hold onto, that I really WOULD rather dispose of, like the holey underwear that I keep in case I need the elastic for something, or the striped socks I only have one of that eventually will be a sock animal, or that scrap of paper that speaks "Card" to me but was crumpled under the weight of numerous other scraps of paper and is no longer pretty anymore... The list can go on forever.

Downsizing is NEVER easy for me, but for those moments in my life when I have HAD to do it... What relief! It is amazing how importantly we view some "things". I hope that I am growing better in caring about things that really matter. Of course, I say that while eyeing my kids playing too closely to MY cardstock, My well-taken-care-of-scissors, or MY glue that does not look disorderly with dried remnants of past craft sessions.

But when I do release some of the seemingly "imporant" things that we fill our home and life with, well, I have noticed that I have more time to be with my family, and a little less time cleaning, organizing, or some other such "fun" activity.

My time is precious, my kids are growing, and my energy needs to be divided between so many things, so... Perhaps I had better go and sign up for "packrat's anonymous" and maybe clean something out. Later. :-)


  1. i think we all struggle with this a little bit..you're not alone! i was just saying to my sister the other day, why do we hold on to things so much when we know one day they will be no more? maybe we should hold on more to our relationship to jesus and to our families and friends...now that will last an eternity!

  2. Ah, this wonderful William Morris quote is my quote of the week. I try very hard to live this. Try is the key word. :)

  3. Fellow pack rat here. I love the book "It's All Too Much" by the guy from Clean Sweep. Do you have that show there?

  4. Claudia, boy have I thought that SO many times...

    Laura, Ditto...

    Anita, Never read it or heard of it, as we Do Not have it here in Italy that I know of. We do not have cable and if we did it would be on there. Sadly... I love stuff like that, too. I love getting new ideas and inspiration on how to decorate nicer, organize better, and such stuff. I have certainly improved over these years. :-)

  5. I love this idea. I too want to simplify our life.