Monday, November 3, 2008

Fourth Folder, Fourth Picture Tag...

My friend at Takin' Time To Smell The Flowers tagged me. It is a cute one, and easy too. All you have to do is go into your fourth folder, fourth picture, and post it... so, here is mine. Cute, huh? This is from back in January 2005 when Miranda was a few of weeks old. Giosaia loves his little sister. Can you tell?
So, now it is my turn to tag some people... Oooh, I am itching to go crazy with the tags, but I will choose... 4 and one for an extra blessing... (since I do not believe in luck) :-)

1) Octamom
2) Decor To Adore
3) The Riddle Family
4) Moziesme
5) Mud and Coffee

This should be fun! Hope you do not mind participating... Have a great day!


  1. Umm that made me do a double take! Not the tag, but the picture of your little Miranda. She looks SO much like my babies!

    Thanks for the tag. I'll have to do it on my other computer. This one just has a few pics on the desktop. Not even one folder!

  2. OK - I've played today! Thanks for the tag!

    And Miranda is very cute! It's amazing how quickly they grow up...