Monday, November 3, 2008

I Have Added Another Blog... Come see!!!...

So, I have decided to open another blog attached to this one. It is called "Days Ease Wordlets and Craftivities", and you can find it at this link... Basically, it will be an outlet for the creative words I sometimes feel like writing (hence Wordlets) and for the my craft activities (hence Craftivities). I hope you will come over to see what I am up to. Have a great day... and have fun being creative and crafting away!!!

P.S. I am still getting it together so don't be surprised if it is not very pretty right now... and I am still adding older stuff to the site so don't be surprised if you have already seen the stuff I am adding at this point... But, I am working on it. Have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment--- over there. :-)

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