Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Fun, New Christmas Meme...

My friend, April, over at Takin' Time To Smell The Flowers, made up her own Christmas meme and Tagged ME!! You know that I love this stuff. I have not had a lot of time to do them, but decided that I needed to do this one. Hope you understand that my answers WILL be very different from most peoples. My life has changed drammatically from before I was married. My life has changed dramatically from when we lived in the States. Neither is better, both are just very different. And, so saying, here are my answers...

The rules:

1. Provide a link to the person who tagged you & post the rules on your blog
2. Answer the Christmassy questions
3. Tag 4 bloggy friends
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

It's that simple, now here we go...

1. Favorite Christmas carol?

I really do enjoy SO many... O Holy Night, Silent Night, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Away in a Manger, Drummer Boy, etc... I could go on... Oh, and Breath of Heaven and the one by Jewel that I cannot remember the name of right now... and...

2. Favorite Christmas movie?

Again, I have many... Some I cannot remember the name of at the moment. Okay this is my list of must-see around Christmas time movies...
I am not a fan of Scrooge, but He has to fit in at least once.
While You Were Sleeping,
Mircle on 34th Street (even though we do not celebrate Santa as part of Christmas),
The Santa Clause with Tim Allen (even though we do not celebrate Santa as part of Christmas it is just TOO funny),
Home Alone,
White Christmas,
Little Lord Fauntleroy with Ricky Schroeder in it,
Doris Day's Moonlight Bay and By the Light Of the Silvery Moon,
Charlie Brown Christmas,
Which is the one of the little boy with glasses who gets a gun for a gift from his dad and gets his tongue stuck to metal pole??? That one...,

There are more, but I think I may have already gone a little overboard... :-)And I love to watch the Holiday parades!!!

3. How many Christmas cards do you send out?

Although I used to send to EVERYONE we know, I now only send to those who sent to us the year before... I think this year I have 10 or 12 to send out. Speaking of which, I am a little behind... :-) It is easier to be forgotten or dismissed when you do not live nearby. Anyway, thank you to those who have not forgotten us!!

4. Do you send a Christmas letter, picture, or card?

I have done each... This year I was thinking of making my own card and having it printed out and maybe putting in a newsletter insert (or I could save that for my email letter for the new year if I run out of time). :-)I love doing family pictures or of just the kids, but that is a bit more costly.

5. Travel or stay home?

We normally go somewhere as, here in Italy, a lot Evangelical Christians believe that Christmas should be celebrated every day and not just on one particular day. I agree, but love to have that ONE day to REALLY focus on Jesus and His most amazing and loving sacrifice to us. Anyhow, we normally go to a friend's house that also celebrates, because they are also foreigners. :-) Though, there were a couple of years when we just stayed home and my hubby cooked yummy food for me.

This year, though, we will be travelling to the States. Should be very memorable! :-)

6. Real or fake tree?

No tree, as they are looked upon by many Evangelical Christians here in Italy as Pagan symbols from the past. Mind you, this is a Catholic country where everything religious can be made into an idol. So... even the nativity set is taboo, though I have one and put it up. We always had a fake tree growing up, actually we even had a funny SILVER tree. when it started looking really shoddy, and when we had a bit more money to spend, my parents invested in a beautiful fake GREEN tree. :-) Funny that I should have to specify that. What memories!!!

7. Do you like eggnog?

I never thought I did, until I moved here to Italy and could not easily get some. During my last pregnancy, I craved it, and have developed quite a funny comfort-food liking to it. :-)

8. Favorite Christmas childhood memory?

Getting my Barbie horse (we did not have a lot of money, and that was a most treasured gift for me), and watching the four-colored, rotating light splash color all over our beautiful Christmas tree, sending flashes of color everywhere as it bounced off of our glass balls and lights. And making Christas tree decorations and cookies!!! and, the family gathering... especially when my grandmother was alive. :-( (I miss you, Abuela! Jesus, please give her a hug from me... Love you both!)

9. Christmas traditions new or old or both?

I will take anything I can get, at this point!!! Making simple memories, that is what I want to do!!! And take LOTS of pictures of it all!!!

Tag---Your it!

So, I choose...

Decor To Adore
Snippety Gibbet

I hope you will participate, as I would love to know your answers, but If you can't... no worries. Have Happy Holy-days!!


  1. It is always so much fun to learn about others.
    I have my posts scheduled up until the 19th while I take my finals and then get around to doing the Christmas stuff. :)
    I will post this the week of Christmas.
    Thank you so very much for thinking of me.

  2. I am so glad you will do it... I really have enjoyed learning about you, Laura, you are a sweet friend. Hope things go well with finals, and that you Have Happy Holy-days!!! :-)

  3. This looks fun. I enjoyed reading about what Christmas was and is like for you. I look forward to answering the questions myself. Thanks for tagging me!

  4. What a fun one! Thanks for including me! I'll be answering some of these through the Monday Musings posts this month and will try to answer some of the other soon!