Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving To ALL!!!...

This post is for all to see, but especially, you, Justin, and friends.

You see, we had the opportunity to go to spend Thanksgiving with our friends, the Candeloro's, at the American base "near" us. (Okay, so it is almost an hour and a half away, but SO worth it.) :-) We had so much fun. The kids played, did crafts (Miranda discovered the joys of glue glopping everywhere), watched movies, and laughed a lot. We adults ATE a whole lot of YUMMY food, laughed, and talked. Some of us watched a football game or channel surfed, too. We had three different turkeys: one American turkey made the regular way, one fried turkey, and one Italian leg of a turkey (which was huge) made the regular way by my hubby, Anthony. We had tons of sides, and an "over-abundance" (that is in quote because to me there is NEVER an over-abundance of it) of desserts. Yummy!! We also played a game that had some of us ROLLING and in humorous tears. There were newbies and the "regulars" there, which made for a nice and different mix. Unfortunately, I did not get all of the pictures I wanted to get, but... That is okay.

These memories are very special as some of our new military friends that we have made here in Italy will be moving away soon. So, Julie and family, this also goes out to you. As you prepare for changes and unknowns, remember these times, and most of all remember that God is there wherever you go and whatever you do. He wants to be a part of your every day, to help you, keep you, encourage you, strengthen you, and bless you. He never fails!! I am grateful to have had you in my life if even for a short time. Julie, you are a remarkable woman!!!

Remember to keep our military and those far from home in prayer! Many are missing their childrens' births and celebrating the holidays away from home. Those are only some of the cases I personally know of. It is not comfortable, I am sure, but they do their job knowing that it is important. "Thank you."

Justin and all of our friends out there,

wherever you are, remember that you are NOT forgotten. We are praying for you, and thinking of you. May God bless you and your families, and may He keep you safe. Happy HOLY-days!!!

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  1. that's great Celita that you could celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving in Italy!! so awesome that you have these friends that you can get together with and share these traditions:) so looking forward to seeing you:)

  2. What a wonderful gathering and what sweet baby faces. It is amazing how the Lord can knit people together for very special seasons, giving us 'family', even when far from home...

  3. Wow, Celita, it sure looks like you had a fun time celebrating Thanksgiving together!

    I wish you a great trip to Philadelphia. Please try to blog about it while you're there so that we can all keep up with you. Have fun!